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HD DVR Portable DVR with 2.5- TFT LCD Screen Review for Private Investigators

Andrew from http://www.privateinvestigatoradvicehq.com/discusses the HD DVR with the 2.5- screen otherwise known as the driving camera. Check out the video to hear what I had to say about it.

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Here is the Amazon link- http://amzn.to/2oRUimZ
Here is the review article-https://wp.me/p25cZL-1sW

PI Advice website -https://www.privateinvestigatoradvice...​
PI Advice Podcast- https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast...​

Edited with Camtasia - https://amzn.to/2LQjSHQ​
Microphone - https://amzn.to/2ZeHBol​
MacBook Pro Computer - https://amzn.to/3qog8wa​
Viewed spy camera video on iPad Pro - https://amzn.to/3rVnjfG
Camcorder used for surveillance- https://amzn.to/3u3MAGo
Preferred Spy Camera (recently reviewed 2021) - https://bit.ly/2Npwmqk
Andy Laws : Really good review, I just opened the box on my cam and this review really got me underway. I had an immediate problem opening the battery compartment, which didn't fill me with confidence given the low cost of the unit, watching the vid showed where I should be pressing (a clip on the side opposite to the arrow grip on the battery cover was stuck, a small plastic knife blade down pushed between the case and the cover freed it to open the case). Really useful review, can't wait to try it out.

Private Investigator Advice : Thanks for the info Nick. I personally wasn't too worried about the HD part. As long as it works I am happy because I didn't pay very much for it. Thanks again Nick.
Private Investigator Advice : Thanks Tyler. It may not be up to the quality of video that you are referring to with the other model but it is not fake by any means. I have used it a couple of times during surveillance and I have been happy with what it can do for the price.
kyle pitts : i got one on ebay for $20l. It works great. Once I played with the menus and found how to switch from Japanese to English its great. You don't need to record the road in front of you in HD anyway. But this will prove that the idget in front of you didn't have brake lights (as in my case) and that's what caused the accident.

Private Investigator Advice : The loop option might be referring to the card taping over itself once it fills up.

HIKVISION 7200 Turbo HDDVR & Mobile Hik-Connect

HIKVISION 7200 Turbo HDDVR Basic Setup \u0026 Mobile Hik-Connect Installation
Arghie Gonzales : Thankyou sa video idol wala nabang part 2 ito ? Sa part nung recording kapag pinili mo yung motion for all color green camera non kapag my motion lang sila na dedetect doon lang sila nag rerecord ganon ba yun? Idol
PoPoY : Pwede po ba sya, kahit na sa ibang lugar ka using smartphone? Makikita parin ba ung nakukuhanan ng cctv?
metrish mother&daughter :
Ken Tv : anong camera po ba dapat gamit ? kasi yung akin hindi ma view sa mobile yung video
Rolands Barrantes : Pano po ako makakaorder ng hikvision cctv 16 branches po..

EchoMaster MRC-HDDVR Install Video

Protect your precious cargo and gain extra visibility into your rear blind spots and record both front and back views with the Full Screen Rear View Mirror Replacement Monitor with DVR and Backup Camera Kit from EchoMaster. The total kit features a 9.3” full screen HD rear view mirror monitor, a 1080p AHD backup camera, plus front and rear DVR. This rear view mirror monitor is universal and works with most vehicles but also included are additional mirror monitor adapters to cover a wide range of vehicles. Don't miss a thing with the front and rear DVR feature. Always recording, you can capture incidents and be that second set of eyes for driver safety.

Learn more at
Steven Dutch : Very nice video for showing how to connect the devices. Now, wanna do it on a REAL CAR? You know, no convenient holes to poke wires through, inaccessible wires and backup lights, side bezel can't be removed because of airbag, fuses are out under the hood instead of under the dash, etc.?
Eduardo Cavazos : Im having an issue with the fuses and I need to splice and stuff but don’t know where too
nyjoe702 : Less than 24 hours and won't record settings are locked up. I'll be returning this paperweight tomorrow.
Black Magick Genetics : Should have just paid Best Buy the Extra $160.00
Black Magick Genetics : You get it figured out yet man?




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