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Ileana Ibarra : I suggest you talk or least put words on screen so I know what it is your trying to do, o no se algo...I don’t see what was the point of this video, sorry
Nixfilms LLP : What kind of video is this?

Samsung CLP-310/315/320/325: how to remove transfer-belt drum and fuser

How to remove fuser, drum unit and transef belt in the Samsung laser printer CLP310, CLP310N, CLP315, CLP320, CLP325
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In the Samsung CLP-315 CLP-320 printer series the transfer-belt error will show as a constant red light on display, during initialisation/warm-up and after powering on. The Smart Panel utility, that comes with the printer drivers, will tell you the precise error.
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Chaim Leib Halbert : Thanks for a great video! My CLP-315W was printing faded on the right side for all colors, so I was guessing the transfer roller or belt needed to be cleaned, but I didn't know where it was. Your video helped me find it and clean it, and gave me confidence that I wouldn't damage it. After cleaning and reassembly, the fading problem was completely gone! You saved me $350! Thank you!
Timothy Dobson : old but relevant today for a dormant CLP 315. Clear instructions and methods to clean this unit to confirm if repairable or not. Thanks!
Paul Terrazas : Thank you. Very well composed video and done in such a way that doesn't require any major technical prowess.
Ralf Eulgem : Dear Viandant5, even it's a few years ago I found it at the right time. This video solved my problem as well. Thank you so much. Great work.
PSOMAS EMMANUEL : Iam the proud owner of a Samsung clp-310..It has been functional for more than 5 years or even more..and still is a giant...providing great pleasure and economy on every printing task I perform.I enjoyed your video was very helpful and eye-opening ...THANK YOU SO MUCH

Samsung CLP-320 and CLP-325 Review by Printerbase Ltd - DISCONTINUED
Helene Grønberg : Thanks for the review mate, great stuff.
I noticed that those pages look awfully curled up straight out of the printer. Is that normal for laser printers?
Nick Simpson : This machine is now discontinued and Samsung's newer models have much improved print quality. However, I can't recall any reports of print quality fading in and out with the CLP-320 when using Samsung's original toner so if you've switched to a cheaper alternative my recommendation would be to switch back.


iBodyFit : Ive been trying to fix my printer for over a motnh. Thank you for this video!!!
Benjamin Whitaker : Nicely done, Nick. I spent an hour trying to get adequate coverage of all of those features and contrast the two models...should have spent six minutes with you earlier.

To print to the CLP 320N via WiFi, just plug it into your WiFi AP/router, right? That just tethers the printer to the AP via Ethernet cable, a small but worthwhile hassle
Poet's Guide : Very detailed review. Excellent.




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